Zanaras Reporting & Video uses the latest technology to deliver a trouble-free deposition.

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  • Real time access to deposition on your mobile, tablet, or desktop device, including clear video, audio, and access to exhibits.
  • Secure, private group chat, which allows your team to confer during critical testimony.
  • Remote deposition suites provide the ideal environment for high quality video and audio, anywhere in the world.


When travel to another location doesn’t make sense, trust the experience of the Zanaras Reporting & Video team for a reliable, accurate, and professional deposition.

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  • Convenient access: You receive notification before the beginning of the deposition via text message, and can access audio, video, and exhibits anywhere in the world.
  • Cost effectiveness: Expensive attorney travel is reduced, and real time interactive access is preserved.
“Everything went like clockwork. I got there about 20 minutes before the starting time, and everything was already up and running regarding the video connections. We had no problems there. The court reporter was very pleasant and did a nice job. It is one of the few occasions where I have done a deposition with participants remotely and did not have any issues!”

— Glenn M. Campbell, Attorney at Law, William J. Ferren & Associates