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The Video Advantage

Legal Video Depositions reveal discriminating signs of inaccuracies that would otherwise go undetected in written transcripts. Not only do they help capture the moment on video, but they also capture every inflection, body language, emotion, and hesitancy that wouldn’t be detected in written testimony alone.

Our courteous, experienced Legal Videographers employ a state-of-the-art process that compresses HD video format with the transcript text and fully synchronized video onto a DVD. This allows for instantaneous retrieval of testimony with crisp video playback.

In addition, we use non-linear editing to deliver the precise edits required by the court and our clients. Our video specialists are highly experienced in “day in the life” documentation, accident scenes, and demonstrative evidence. Zanaras Reporting and Video maintains a full service state-of-the-art video department, specializing in all-day video depositions, courtroom playbacks, duplication service and video evidence.

Large Video Projector – Did you ever pay attention to the clarity of the video playbacks? Use Zanaras’ equipment, and you’ll be impressed. Quality — 4,000 lumens and up! Even with natural lighting in the room, our projectors don’t disappoint delivering the highest picture quality. This new technology allows everyone a powerful, unobstructed view. Our available ELMO PRESENTER service brings the same visual dominance to your text, image or irregularly-shaped exhibits.

Equally important is the courtroom presentation of video testimony. Judge and each party have their own monitors to view, while your jury is no longer subjected to the limits of 27-inch and 13-inch television screens… Imagine the testimony’s impact when viewed through video projection to a 100-inch screen. You are sure to leave a lasting impression!


  • Video Synchronization with Transcripts
  • Post-Deposition Editing
  • Duplication Services
  • CD/DVD Burning
  • Day-In-The-Life-Videos
  • Time Stamping
  • Testimonials
  • Conversion of VHS to DVD or CD-R
  • Investigative Surveillance
  • Proof of Damages
  • Accident Site Photography
  • Video Conferencing
  • Digitized Video Transcripts

Testimony preservation is one benefit of Legal Videography. Accident Recreations, Site or Product Reviews and Day-In-The-Life Presentations can bring that winning edge to your litigation! Should your completed video project be in tape or DVD format, our computer-based editing technology insures the video and audio clarity you expect.

Dual Camera Video Capture & Playback

Our dual camera setup allows for a cinematography style view of the witness from various angels to maintain the jury’s continual attention. This method helps capture every inflection, body language, emotion, and hesitancy that would have been easily overlooked in a single camera playback.


Picture in Picture Video Capture & Playback

Zanaras brings you the latest, most effective trial support tools. Our team of Trial Technicians and Legal Videographers work seamlessly together to create a picture in picture capture of the witness as well as the Touch Monitor module which is utilized to mark up documents. This method allows attorneys to work more freely with expert witnesses who are able to use either their finger or a stylus to mark electronically produced documents. Leave a lasting impression on the opposing counsel by making this a fully interactive deposition. Exhibits are later produced fully electronically enabling you to retrieve your e-transcript and exhibits electronically from any of your internet connected device.

For more information about our Interactive Depositions, click here.

Convinced? Go ahead and schedule your next deposition with dual camera set up! click here.